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What is ReSensation?


Posted May 23, 2021 in ReSensation® | 2 minute read

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During a mastectomy, nerves that provide sensation to the breast are cut when breast tissue is removed. This usually leads to numbness and loss of sensation. AxoGen, the leading company focused specifically on peripheral nerve repair solutions, has developed an innovative portfolio of products designed to connect and protect peripheral nerves throughout the body. With ReSensation, an advancement in breast reconstruction designed to restore sensation after a mastectomy, surgeons like Dr. Ellsworth have the ability to connect the nerves that were cut to the patient’s newly restored breast, allowing the nerves to potentially regenerate over time.

Advancements in breast reconstruction are continuously evolving. As surgeons, we are constantly pushing the envelope on research to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes. For many years, a numb chest was simply an aspect of the journey woman unfortunately had to deal with following their mastectomy and reconstruction. However, now we understand the impact not feeling the warm embrace of a child or a loved one has on our patients. Dr. Ellsworth has dedicated his career to advocating for better options for all women faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. The ability to restore sensation plays an important role in offering patients the ability to not only survive breast cancer, but THRIVE! 

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