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Who is a Candidate for Breast ReSensation?


Posted October 13, 2020 in ReSensation® | 4 minute read

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Each year, thousands of women in the United States undergo a mastectomy for the surgical treatment of breast cancer. Even though this is a life-saving procedure, it can come with some devastating complications, including numbness and loss of feeling in the breasts. Ellsworth Plastic Surgery is proud to help breast cancer survivors feel like themselves again through breast ReSensation®.

So, what is ReSensation? ReSensation is a technique that uses donated breast nerves to restore overall breast sensation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Warren Ellsworth is proud to offer this advanced procedure to improve your quality of life and confidence. When you are ready for the breast reconstruction process, contact our office to find out the details. We proudly serve patients who live in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX.

Who should get Breast ReSensation?

When a woman undergoes a mastectomy, she faces many challenging decisions, including if she wants to have breast reconstruction. Even with newly reconstructed breasts, patients may not be able to enjoy their appearance because they simply do not feel the same. This is where ReSensation comes in. The benefits of breast ReSensation include increased feeling in the tissue following breast cancer treatment.

There are many factors that determine whether someone is a breast ReSensation candidate. This includes your current level of health and desired results. Ideal candidates are currently planning a mastectomy and reconstruction using their own tissue for reconstruction. Occasionally patients planning to use implants for reconstruction can also be considered for the ReSensation procedure.  Dr. Ellsworth can perform an examination and learn about your health and surgical history before creating a custom treatment plan.

How breast reconstruction is performed

It is important for patients considering ReSensation to understand the process from start to finish. Some women choose to use abdominal tissue to rebuild their breast after mastectomy, often referred to as a DIEP Flap procedure. During this procedure, we carefully identify donated nerves on the transplanted abdominal tissue and connect them to the nerves within your breasts, using a nerve graft to bridge the gap.  The breast nerves eventually fuse together and regenerate, providing women with more natural sensation. Breast ReSensation candidates can choose treatment immediately after a mastectomy or during delayed reconstruction. If you are not sure when to schedule ReSensation, we can help develop a timeline that works for you. Our clinic helps individuals who live in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX.

Recovery from breast ReSensation

Once we decide to move forward with ReSensation, Ellsworth Plastic Surgery can give you instructions about taking care of yourself after surgery. We may give you support garments and give you information about when to begin gentle exercise. It is critical to follow our advice to prevent complications, such as tissue damage and infection. Patients may not feel sensation for a few months because it takes time for the breast nerves to regenerate. We routinely test the return of sensation in our office during follow up visits. It is exciting to see first hand the remarkable return in sensation over time.  In the meantime, we will schedule additional checkups to make sure healing is going as planned. 

Learn the benefits of breast ReSensation

We are happy to report that ReSensation is an overall successful procedure with minimal to no additional risks, and patients are generally pleased with their results. Keep in mind that anyone who offers breast ReSensation should be a board-certified a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction and has plenty of experience. You can rest assured that Dr. Warren Ellsworth and the professional staff at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery are trained in this procedure and can guide you through the process. To learn if you are a breast ReSensation candidate or to discover the benefits of breast ReSensation, contact our office. If you live in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX, we can help you take steps to look and feel like yourself once again.

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