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How Does Resensation® Better the Lives of Breast Cancer Patients?


Posted April 22, 2021 in Breast Cancer, ReSensation® | 3 minute read

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A breast cancer diagnosis is a challenging experience for any woman. A mastectomy may be recommended to remove the cancerous tissue. While the process can be life-saving for women living in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX, it also leaves you with no breast definition or sensation. Breast reconstruction is an important first step toward building new tissue after your breast cancer battle.

Dr. Warren Ellsworth is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless women who feel unattractive or less than confident because of permanent breast removal. In addition to reconstruction, Ellsworth Plastic Surgery may recommend a revolutionary procedure called Resensation. This technique improves your quality of life by reconnecting the severed nerves in the breast tissue.

Now, you can learn about Resensation by scheduling an assessment at our facility. Discover the benefits of restoring breast sensation by reading below.

Losing breast sensation after mastectomy

Thousands of women in the United States undergo mastectomy each year for breast cancer removal. Unfortunately, surgery does come with physical complications, like numbness in the breasts. This is because the breast nerves that cause sensation are severed in the process. Women also feel as if they’ve lost an important part of themselves, which means their quality of life suffers.

Loss of sensation was rarely discussed in the past because until recently, there was no solution. The good news is that Resensation may restore feeling in patients who choose breast reconstruction with flap surgery. Flap reconstruction, such as the DIEP flap, uses your own skin and fat to create a new breast. During Resensation, Dr. Ellsworth uses donor tissue to reconnect the nerves in the flap tissue. Over time, many women experience feeling on the breast skin.

Who qualifies for breast rejuvenation?

Most women who have lost breast sensation after mastectomy are candidates for Resensation breast rejuvenation. There are different factors that determine the best route for you. This includes your current health and desired recovery time. Surgery may involve several procedures that can be performed alongside your breast cancer treatment or delayed until the treatment is finished.

Breast reconstruction is a very personalized surgery. Each patient receives an in-depth consultation at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery to learn about their options and decide on a surgical plan. Our team can help you make informed choices depending on your goals. Dr. Ellsworth hopes to restore sensation in your breast so you can get back to the activities you once loved in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX.

Improving your quality of life

In the past, successful breast reconstructive surgery meant patients were happy with the appearance of their breasts. Now, Resensation allows women to experience sensation once again. Benefits of Resensation include:

  • Better body image
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Fewer physical limitations
  • Increased overall health and wellbeing

Restore breast sensation

For women in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX, the process of breast reconstruction does take time and effort. At Ellsworth Plastic Surgery, we believe it is one of the most beneficial surgeries for women diagnosed with breast cancer. It may improve the emotional and physical complications of a mastectomy while boosting your self-confidence. If you are interested in restoring breast sensation after mastectomy, meet with Dr. Warren Ellsworth in Houston, TX. We can discuss your options in terms of breast rejuvenation and move the process forward.

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