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Why Do I Have Asymmetrical Breasts?


Posted October 27, 2020 in Asymmetrical Breasts | 3 minute read

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No two breasts are completely identical in shape or size. In fact, most cases of asymmetry are hidden underneath undergarments and shapewear. Following breast augmentation, however, asymmetry may become more noticeable. Revision surgery can give you a balanced appearance if you notice asymmetrical breasts after getting implants.

Dr. Warren Ellsworth is a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast implant revision specialist who serves patients living in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX. Ellsworth Plastic Surgery is proud to offer comprehensive revision procedures with a patient-first approach. Learn how to correct asymmetrical breasts by scheduling your first consultation.

Why is one breast bigger than the other?

Most women experience asymmetry during adolescence as they grow into adulthood. Others have uneven breasts as the result of genetics or lifestyle changes, like pregnancy and nursing. Breast augmentation patients may also have asymmetry after getting implants. While most cosmetic surgeons do their best to ensure even, natural-looking results, we cannot always predict a perfect outcome.

So, why is one breast bigger than the other? Asymmetry after breast augmentation can be caused by a variety of factors. Perhaps your breasts healed at different rates, or there is a significant difference in the size of your surgical pockets. Either way, uneven breasts can lead to more problems than you think. Patients could experience self-consciousness or embarrassment about their appearance.

If you want to know how to correct asymmetrical breasts, we encourage you to contact Dr. Ellsworth. Most cases of asymmetry can be corrected through breast revision surgery.

Candidates for breast revision

When you meet with Dr. Ellsworth, we will discuss your previous breast augmentation and perform an examination of the tissue. We will also ask about your current implant size and type. Good candidates for revision surgery have noticeable differences in the size or shape of their breasts and hope for a better cosmetic outcome. During your consultation, we can help you set realistic expectations about the results of your procedure and prepare you for recovery. Most of our patients visit us from their homes in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX.

What to expect following surgery

The steps that are necessary to repair asymmetry may be relatively minor, or could require complex reconstruction. Recovery depends on the degree of asymmetry and the technique used during surgery. The professionals at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery can give you information and resources about healing properly at home. You should see an improvement in appearance once the initial swelling and inflammation begin to subside. Keep in mind that it may take some time before the final outcome is seen. You should attend all follow-up appointments so we can make sure healing is going as planned.

Uneven breast size solutions

So, why is one breast bigger than the other? Breast asymmetry is one of the most common reasons that women in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX seek breast revision. Whether your original breast augmentation was performed at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery or through another clinic, Dr. Warren Ellsworth is happy to help. Our goal is to give you the desired outcome you are looking for. Find out how to correct asymmetrical breasts by scheduling an appointment today.

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