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How Much Bigger Can I Go With Breast Reconstruction?


Posted February 22, 2021 in Breast Reconstruction | 3 minute read

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Breast cancer survivors need to make a lot of decisions before undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. For example, patients who want to get medical-grade breast implants need to have a discussion about what size implants are possible. If you have a history of breast augmentation, perhaps you are interested in getting larger breasts than you had before.

Increasing breast size may be possible, but it depends on your specific circumstances. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Warren Ellsworth works closely with patients who live in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX to make sure they get the breast enhancement outcomes they want. Learn more by reading below or scheduling an exam at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery.

Attending your consultation

As with any breast reconstruction decision, choosing larger breast implants is a highly personal one. It also requires careful consideration from a trained plastic surgeon to review the risks and benefits. Before attending your assessment, it is important to think about your preferences and needs.

A consultation is the best time to discuss your goals and concerns about breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Ellsworth will also ask about your current breast cancer treatment plan and evaluate the existing breast tissue. If we decide to move forward with breast implants, our clinic can make recommendations for styles and sizes that may work for you.

Candidates for restorative breast surgery

While we can review different breast implant sizes for reconstruction, keep in mind that there may be some limitations associated with surgery. We can help you set and maintain realistic expectations, including the potential outcomes. Patients who live in Houston, West Houston, and Katy, TX and opt for larger implants may require a special tissue expander to enlarge the area that will receive the implant.

Patients who undergo radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment may not be suited for larger implants. This is because radiation compromises the quality of the skin tissue and causes it to thin out. So if your breast skin is thin, especially below the nipple, we may suggest getting smaller implants or considering other options for reconstruction.

Does breast size matter?

Patients who lost one or both breasts due to mastectomy may not feel like themselves after treatment. For this very reason many patients consider the consultation and surgical treatment by Dr. Ellsworth to be like a silver-lining in a challenging time in life. Dr. Ellsworth can personalize surgery plans, so you have natural-looking breasts that improve your self-esteem and physical appearance.

Sometimes Dr. Ellsworth can even combine the use of skin and fat from your abdomen (DIEP flap) with implants to give the most natural feeling but perky reconstruction possible. All of these concerns can be discussed and more when meeting with Dr. Ellsworth.

Learn about breast implant sizes for reconstruction

With restorative breast surgery, it is possible to increase breast size through implants. Choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon is one of the most critical decisions you can make. If you live in Houston, West Houston, or Katy, TX and are considering breast reconstruction or enhancement, call Dr. Warren Ellsworth for a comprehensive assessment. The experts at Ellsworth Plastic Surgery can let you know whether you are a candidate for this elective procedure.

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